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Ruck Sox

Ruck Sox 2.0 Gray

Ruck Sox 2.0 Gray

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Discount available for Military, First Responders, Medical Workers and Teachers

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Estimated Ship Date: 7/1/2024

Order The First Performance Rucking Sock™ today!

Our socks are knit in North Carolina with 100% American yarns, making them Berry Amendment Compliant. This 2.0 model comes in natural, undyed wool for a sheep-to-sock experience. This new-and-improved version also features a reinforced toe-box, as requested by some of our customers.

We use a significantly higher percentage of Merino Wool, also called the miracle fiber, than our competitors. Merino is also called the miracle fiber because it thermoregulates and wicks moisture which is critical for fighting off blisters.

One day we hope every service member is issued our high-performance rucking socks. When this happens, it will be the end of the first phase of our goal to bring textile jobs back to North Carolina.


S: 6-8   M: 9-11   L: 12-14

73% Merino Wool / 21% Nylon / 6% Elastic

Manufacturers Suggested Washing Instructions: Turn socks inside out, and machine wash in cold or warm water. Air dry for best results. If you prefer to use a dryer, use low heat only. Do not use fabric softeners. Fabric softeners will coat the wool fibers and reduce their ability to manage moisture and regulate body temperature. Do not use bleach or bleach additives as it will damage the fine wool fibers.

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