Invest in Ruck Sox

At Ruck Sox, we're tired of two things: blisters & American manufacturing jobs going overseas. We've set out to change both of those things, but we need your support to effectively accomplish both missions. Together, we'll be part of providing service members and first responders with the highest-quality, American-made socks on the market while simultaneously revitalizing the American textile industry.

  • "Fantastic!"

    "They performed extremely well as my daily driver in my duty boots for rucking, but I wanted to try them in different shoes. I dogged them on the soccer field in extreme heat and rain and even with shinguards in, they maintained their elasticity. I highly recommend RuckSox for both rucking and performance sports."

    -Jonathan J, Powell, OH

  • "Better than Darn Tough"

    "I have owned no less than 12 pairs of darn toughs during my time AD. I went through some of the more difficult schools the Army had to offer, and my Darn Toughs were with me every step. That is why I can say with confidence that these socks are BETTER than darn toughs. I bought a pair and I wish I would have bought 3 more. They just feel like they are carefully made with very high quality material. They are a bit more cushioned than Darn Toughs, fair warning."

    -Evan, Fayetteville, NC

  • "Best Socks I've Ever Hiked a Trail In!"

    "I put these socks through their paces in every type of boots I own: Government issue, hiking boots, and hunting boots. There’s no better socks on the planet than Ruck Sox!"

    -Matthew H, Ridgefield, CT